Meditation House is now offering virtual Meditation & Mindfulness classes. These are classes that anyone can attend by using a computer, tablet, smartphone or cell phone from any location. There is no limit to the number of people that can attend these classes and they can be of any length. Contact us about our virtual Meditation classes to discuss your needs and how we can can support you.

Meditation House specializes is teaching corporate Meditation and Mindfulness classes and programs to organizations in NYC, New Jersey and upstate New York. If you are interested in starting a Meditation program in your organization, we recommend signing up for an Intro to Meditation class where you can experience Meditation and discuss with the teacher what a program might look like and how it could benefit your organization. To read more about our classes for corporations, please click here.

Why Should a Corporation Consider a Meditation Program?
There are a number of well-documented studies on the health benefits of Meditation. But how do these benefits impact an organization? We have created a page that outlines how a Meditation program will increase a corporation’s bottom line. Click here to read this.

What Separates Us from Other Organizations?
There are different types of Meditation and the type that most corporations are aware of is called “Mindfulness”. Mindfulness classes do a wonderful job of bringing employees into a relaxed state and we incorporate Mindfulness into our classes. However, our classes focus on helping employees make changes by setting what is referred to as an “Intention” or “Goal”. Each class works towards addressing different intentions/goals.

What Are Some of the Intentions/Goals That We Address?
Here is a small sampling of the topics that most employees and organizations want us to address:
Reduce and eliminate anxiety and stress

  • Building confidence
  • How to prepare for big meetings/presentations
  • Not becoming overwhelmed with setbacks
  • Envisioning success
  • How to get a great night’s sleep

What is The Compassion Center?
The Compassion Center is the “child” company of its parent, Meditation House. The Compassion Center teaches Meditation classes to individuals and groups. When Meditation House was founded, the initial focus was on providing classes to people who sought help to address various issues in their lives. Even though The Compassion Center did start offering classes to corporations and organizations, the plan was to have Meditation House focus on corporations and organizations while The Compassion Center would focus on the individual’s needs.


Meditation House is a New York City based corporation that was created to teach individuals, groups, corporations and organizations how to meditate.



We teach corporations and organizations how to Meditate and how to use Meditation & Mindfulness to address the challenges they face.



We are based out of Staten Island, NY and teach in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Long Island, Upstate New York, and New Jersey.



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