Frequently Asked Questions About Corporate Meditation Classes

What does a corporate Meditation class cost?

Corporate Meditation classes taught in New York City typically cost between $250-$750+ for thirty (30) minute classes. Meditation House teaches sixty (30) minute classes starting at $250.

What does Meditation House charge for a corporate Mindfulness Meditation class?

We offer virtual classes via Zoom and classes at organizations that generally cost between $250-$450 per class. You can see a list of our current classes and book a class online here.

(*) These fees are subject to change without notice, do not apply to locations in NYC that require additional travel time, and do not include any additional fee that may be required to teach the class at a separate location.

Why are Meditation House’s rates lower than other corporate Meditation teachers/organizations?

Meditation House does not have the overhead associated with a NYC office space. Therefore, we are able to pass on the savings to our corporate clients.

Do you offer classes in other locations (we do not have the space or right environment for a class in our office)?

Yes, we can recommend other locations in Manhattan where we can teach our classes. These facilities are designed for Meditation, Yoga and other classes and typically include folding chairs, Meditation cushions, Yoga mats, have A/C and heating, and some times offer additional amenities such as sound systems. The rates typically range between $75-$150 per hour for the space. We will obtain a firm price before your class. Please note that it is your responsibility to book and pay for the space. An example of one of the companies we utilize is Center for Remembering and Sharing located at 123 4th Avenue (12th-13th streets). You can view their rental rates here.

We’re interested in corporate Meditation classes. Where do we start?

We’ve written a blog called I’m Interested in a Corporate Meditation Program. Where Do I Start?. This will be a great place to start.

Does Meditation House offer classes online?

Yes, we offer classes online via Zoom. These classes are either audio only or video and audio. Employees can attend these classes using desktop or laptop computers, tablets, iPads, or via phone. Employees can attend these classes using cell phones or traditional phones. The audio quality is excellent and in many instances, people experience audio quality similar to or better than classes done in person. These classes are always done “live”. These are never pre-recorded classes that are broadcasted live. However, we do record these classes (with the client’s permission) and then provide these recordings to the client so that they can be distributed to employees.

What are the recommended first steps that an organization should take when considering Mindfulness Meditation classes?

Organizations should book a 30-Minute Live Zoom Mindfulness Meditation Class for Corporations. Upon completion of the class, the organization should interview participants and determine whether there was a positive response to the teacher and content of the class. If participants respond positively to the class, the next step is to discuss with Meditation House what a Mindfulness Meditation program might look like. Part of this discussion is to discuss the goals of the organization.