Mindfulness Classes and Programs for Corporations

Meditation House offers specific classes and programs to corporations seeking to bring mindfulness into their organizations. Choose one of the classes/programs below or contact us and let us know what you are looking for.

Please be sure to read the difference between our 30 and 60 minute classes before making your choice.
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(*) Please contact us for classes of 500+ people for a custom quote.
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Price: $ 2,500.00

Zoom Mindfulness Classes

Since the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, Meditation House has been focusing on leading mindfulness classes via Zoom. However, we continue to teach mindfulness classes to small groups in a large facility in Woodstock, NY and will consider visiting your office for a live in-person class. If you wish to have a live in-person class, please contact us.

Please note that all classes presented via Zoom are live. These are not pre-recorded Meditation classes. They are led by Director and lead Meditation teacher Dan Globus. Dan has been teaching Meditation for over a decade, has been specializing in corporate classes for almost five years, and has been practicing Meditation for five (5) decades.

Where do you start to bring Mindfulness into your organization?

There are two possible routes that we recommend. The first route is to have us teach your employees how to meditate. Each person attending one of these classes is guaranteed to learn how to meditate. Included with the class in a downloadable audio file that employees can use to continue practicing with. Click here to sign up for our Intro to Meditation class.

The second route is booking a 30-minute mindfulness class for corporations. A 30-minute class will allow people who have never meditated to experience Meditation. And for people that have meditated before, they can experience Mindfulness as taught by Meditation House. These are very calming and very relaxing classes. Our clients are always very pleasantly surprised at how positive these classes are and how relaxed it makes them feel.