Custom Corporate Mindfulness Programs

If you want to provide your employees with a proven method to reduce stress and anxiety, boost morale, boost creativity, and support your employees working at home and from multiple locations, a custom corporate mindfulness meditation program is the way to go. Meditation House has been specializing in working with organizations to create custom corporate mindfulness programs since 2016. We have a 100% positive feedback from companies including Google, Microsoft, eBay, Facebook, Target, FedEx, Wounded Warrior, GE Health, The New York Times, Sam’s Club, Salesforce, Maxx Properties, SentryOne, and many other organizations.

All of our classes/sessions are currently offered virtually via Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, WebEx, and other platforms. All sessions are LIVE (not recorded) and we do provide recorded sessions on request.

We can work with you to build a program that meets whatever criteria are most important (e.g. cost, number of sessions per week/month, specific challenges the organization is facing, etc.).

If you are unsure what one of these programs might look like, we encourage you to call us to discuss what we do (888-377-7761), or fill out the form below for a custom quote, or consider a 10-class mindfulness meditation program.

  • Choose the specific days of the week and times for your sessions.
  • Have specific topics that you want us to address? We can design a program around these.
  • Want a program addressing the most common topics and challenges employees face? No problem. We will propose a list of topics for you to choose from.
  • Want a program that can measure your employee’s progress? We will work with your HR people to offer custom surveys to measure engagement and effectiveness.
  • Want a program that very specifically targets the challenges and needs of employees in a specific department? We can do that!

Complete The Following Form for a Custom Quote for Your Mindfulness Program

We will send you a custom quote within 24 hours after receiving your submission. And if you need a quote right away, please call us at (888) 377-7761.

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What do you charge for a custom corporate mindfulness meditation program?

Our fee is determined by the number of classes in the program, how long each class is, and the number of people attending. As a reference point, we offer a 10-class program (each class is 30-minutes) for up to 500 people for $2,500. You can view this here.

What is the difference between a “class” and a “session”?

There is no difference. Some people prefer to use the word “session“ as it does not imply that the content is being delivered as an ‘academic experience’. Most people are accustomed to the word “class“.

What is the best way to understand what we can expect?

We recommend booking a 30-minute mindfulness meditation class. These are general guided meditation classes where attendees can get a live experience with our teachers and the content. And if you decide to book a program after taking this one class, we will discount the one-class fee from the total program fee (the total program fee must be at least $2,500).

What evidence is there that supports the benefits of mindfulness meditation for corporations?

Mindfulness classes have a very positive impact on employees in corporations. Institutions including the U.S. National Library of Medicine have very compelling research on mindfulness’ effectiveness. Well-known business publications such as Inc. have written articles supporting mindfulness in organizations including 5 Reasons Your Company Should be Investing in Mindfulness Training. One of the oldest and most trusted business publications, Forbes, has written an article entitled Increasing Mindfulness In The Workplace.

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