Corporate Mindfulness Meditation Programs

As most organizations are not sure how corporate meditation programs can benefit their employees, we have created a program that is financially within most corporations’ budgets and the duration of the program is sufficient to determine whether there are measurable results that will positively affect the organization at some level whether it be financial or otherwise. Meditation is not new to the corporate world. Most major corporations now have various health-related programs in place to keep their employees happy and healthy. The Chopra Center has a nice article on which corporations are utilizing Meditation and the benefits of these programs. (*) During the Covid-19 pandemic, all classes are offered virtually via Zoom. For more information, please click here to contact us.

What Are The Topics & Goals of the Meditation Program?

The primary goals of this program are:

  1. Reduce and Remove Anxiety & Stress
  2. Build Confidence
  3. Create a Stronger Desire to Further The Organization’s Goals
  4. Increase Creativity and Problem-Solving Abilities
  5. Build a Stronger Connection to Other Employees
  6. Bring Happiness and Joy into The Employees’ Lives
  7. Better Coping Mechanisms to Deal with the Daily Ups and Downs

Each class will give the employee a specific Meditation to help address different challenges they may be facing.
(*) The audio of each Meditation class can be recorded and made available for download via your website or our website. We will not record the audio if you do not wish.

Here are some topics that we teach in organizations (these can be adjusted to meet each organization’s needs):

  • Overcoming Fear: getting at the root of what causes anxiety, stress, panic attacks
  • Building Confidence
  • Learning How to Unwind without the Need for External Substances
  • Addressing Self-Medication: learn how Meditation can free you of the need to self-medicate
  • Addressing Anger
  • Love and Compassion for Ourselves, Co-Workers and Everyone Around Us
  • Dealing with Loss & Grief
  • Removing Self-Doubt
  • Removing Negative Emotions and Thoughts
  • Learn to Sleep Like a Baby and Get Up Fully Rested Each Day
  • Finding Joy and Happiness
  • The 20 Minute Work Reset: feel rested, energized, confidant, creative and happy in 20 minutes

Program Examples

(*) We can create a custom program according to your needs.

Meditation Program #1

  • Two (2) classes per week taught in 2 days. You would pick the 2 days and time of day that would work best for your organization.

Meditation Program #2

  • Four (4) classes per week. You choose the days and time of day that would work best for your organization.

Possible options might include:

  • 4 separate days or 2 classes on 2 days
  • 2 classes per day may be preferred as you may have one group of people that are only available at one time of day while others are available at another time of day.

Meditation Program #3

  • One (1) class per week. You would choose the day and time for this class.
Corporate Meditation Programs